Saturday, November 19, 2005


I want to write more. I think about it every day. It's in the transition from thought to action where I encounter the big challenge. Every day, there are topics I want to express. I send myself reminders to write about specific issues. Those email and voice mail messages are the electronic equivalent of sticking Post-it® notes all over my bag. I've bullet-listed groups of such reminders before, but will save doing it again now.

When ideas that I think are original come into my head, I wish for the opportunity to do nothing but work them out, putting aside responsibility and focusing on bringing the idea to life. As I've mentioned before, I'm a deliberate editor and thus believe that significant time must be spent to craft an idea well. That's really the biggest reason I don't blog more frequently: I want to ensure that I'm writing interesting ideas in my quirky and deliberate style, but can't devote the time required to achieve that style. To wit, this simple entry with very little substance has already consumed 36 minutes of my time. And I've said nothing! And I've said it in a very ordinary manner! (But with a rapidly expanding population of exclamation points, as if they alone infuse some sort of excitement!)

I'm done whining about this. Probably won't enter anything else for a while. Tomorrow, an extension of the chores I worked on today, then football and dinner with friends. Maybe I'll return to blog again on Thanksgiving day.

Oh by the way, the logo at the top is me. That is to say, I am Blue Pencil Productions. The only thing that regularly wins this stamp is our holiday newsletter (if I had enough time to take on side projects for BPP, I'd have enough time to blog more!). My friend, Doug, created it for me using the font I love so much Ted & I used it on our wedding invitations. Many moons ago, he'd created a background for my first personal website. It was cool and funky, pink with concentric circles. Heavens, that was ages ago.

44 minutes. It will take me a lifetime to write a book. I took me nearly an hour to write four tiny paragraphs about nothing.

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