Thursday, November 24, 2005

thanksgiving day, part 5

What a day! And it's not over yet! As predicted, my list was vastly optimistic, and with only minor exceptions, I've been busy all day. I only just finished the stockings an hour ago. But they're done, tied up neatly, bundled by family, marked, and lined up on the dining room floor. Next year, I'm scaling back.


Here's the rest of the list as of now (with several additions).
  • Finish assembling stockings and pack up by family (continuation)
  • Make lunch for Ted
  • Rehang shower curtains
  • Have lunch
  • Watch half of Ocean's Twelve
  • Take nap
  • Finish assembling stockings and pack up by family (finally completed)
  • Prepare turkey and get it into oven
  • Call brother whose family is hosting Mom & Dad for Thanksgiving dinner, chat with niece
  • Call Mom & Dad, who'd already left brother's house and were back home
  • Blog

The turkey's been in for about half of the time it will take to cook. So, I must head back to the kitchen and commence preparation of the trimmings. Stuffing, squash, yams, peas with pearl onions (for me), corn (for Ted), and wheat rolls require prep and cooking. Baby carrots, cranberry jelly, and green olives with pimentos need only be allocated into serving dishes. Apple pie will go into the oven when turkey comes out of it.

Thank thee, oh Lord, for these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thine bounty. Grace said many times in my life, not just on Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the wonderful meal. For the treasures found and wrapped up for kids, mid-afternoon naps, and partially accomplished 'to do' lists. For a short work day tomorrow, and Saturday off to finish the list. I am not thankful for a temperamental blog editor who shall remain nameless as it repeatedly adds formatting that I don't want! But I'll forgive it. In the spirit of the day. Finally, I'm thankful to write my last Thanksgiving Day update for 2006. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel so moved by the fabulousness of our supper that I'll return to write some more. But tomorrow. Not today.

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