Thursday, November 24, 2005

thanksgiving day, part 3

I underestimate how much time it takes to assemble 12 "stockings." Way underestimate. But I'm having fun. Listening to the Christmas music and working away on filling these containers with dozens of little gifts and treats. I admit to having gotten completely carried away with stuffers this year. I'm very excited and was briefly tempted to take pictures of the completed packages and post them here. But then I realized that, occasionally, a few of the recipients actually read this blog (hi kids!). And there's no peeking! So, here's my chores list.

  • Finish assembling stockings and pack up by family (in progress)

I'm thankful for my wonderful family, and for the chance to spoil the youngest members every now and then. For Christmas music to work to, and the rapidly disappearing first snow outside my window. For Costco, Target, Papyrus, The Rainforest Site, and Pier 1, where many of the tiny treasures were procured. For a business trip that not only allowed me the amazing experience of going to Hawaii, but also gave me the opportunity to find really cool stocking stuffers. For my blue tortoiseshell cat whose nickname is the closest thing to appropriate for this holiday -- Sweetie Baby Kitty Pie, often abbreviated to just "Pie." That's Sadie, by the way.

Back to the assembly.

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