Thursday, July 07, 2005

summer weekends

Some pictures from this past 4th of July weekend and my family's reunion the weekend before it.

Dad (channeling Gerry Garcia, center) with Grammy Cormier, Uncle Jim, and Josh at reunion

Family volleyball game

Dan (foreground) with Aunt Kaye, Chris, and Cathy at the reunion

Courtney and her horse game

On the way back from the reunion, I stopped to visit Allison and her Mom, while her sister, Paige, and her Dad were at a Yankees game.

Allison and her Mommy

The 4th of July weekend, Ted and I both went back to see them and enjoy a beautiful, sunny, and not-too-humid Sunday afternoon.

Allison is stylin'

Paige winks

As you might be able to guess, Paige loves to pose for the camera. She also loves to take pictures. If I put all the combined photos here, it would be a very long slide show!

Paige poses

Paige pajama poses

Meanwhile, a couple states away, our little friend, Alia, has been on vacation with her parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle this week.

Alia's cool driving the boat

Alia punches the ball

And finally, a couple pictures from today, so Woodle's real Mommy (who also happens to be Alia's Mommy) can see how he's doing.

Woodle sees something he likes on a bookcase... check out that tail!

On the bookcase, casing Mike Wazowski

By the way, a couple hours later -- after hearing a loud crash -- I discovered that Woodle had apparently returned to this location to pull Mike Wazowski down off the bookcase.

Woodle rests on his favorite blanket after a busy day

Enough pictures for now. Funny how I go a whole week without posting anything and even put a comment to that effect on last night, and then I come in 24 hours later and load up on photos! This blogging thing is weird, man. Goodnight!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005