Saturday, February 25, 2006

more cuteness

They've done it again. This is wonderful.

I'm not going to work today. That may sound like an obvious statement for a Saturday, but I've worked so many Saturdays that six-day work weeks are almost standard for me. I will be working tomorrow (too much to do not to go in at all this weekend), but for now, I'm chillin' with my own kitties (who never perform feats like the one above) and building up the motivation to do some Spring cleaning. Maybe I'll blog again later.

Monday, February 13, 2006

cute in a sometimes ugly world

Had a rough day? Life stressing you? Hate listening to all that bad news? Feel like pulling your hair out? I have the perfect remedy! It doesn't cost any money and the only side effect will be the uncontrollable urge to make cooing noises.

What is this miracle cure for Grumpyitis? Cute Overload! No seriously. It's a blog dedicated to showcasing amazingly cute pictures, usually of small and cuddly animals. Tell me that this picture doesn't make you smile.

I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! This is adorable!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I guess there were still some envelopes that needed to be addressed. Oops. Plus, because we've always printed the envelopes in the past, we are not in possession of return address labels. And so, that needed to be written onto each envelope. Ted did all that envelope work.

I wrote the messages. He stamped and sealed envelopes. Excepting a half hour break to eat dinner and the occasional pause to concentrate on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or Olympic snowboarding, it took the two of us four and a half hours today alone just to finish these letters.

Apologies to future recipients of our next holiday newsletter, but we're reverting to using a printer.

By the way, the last report we heard, our town received 23" of snow. Shouldn't I be shoveling?

Good night.

the perfect excuse

I finished our Christmas newsletter before Christmas. Really, I did. It was actually about a week before Christmas, and I had all the copies printed, too. For some reason, I decided to write the envelopes insteading printing them. That turned out to be a bad idea: it took many, many hours and cramped my hand in a way it hasn't been cramped since college blue books.

Despite the timely preparation, the letters did not get mailed. There are a few additional steps I didn't complete (writing personal notes on each, folding, stuffing, and stamping), and so the components remain dormant on my desk. Well, today -- for the first time in a very long time -- I'm not occupied by work or social obligations on a weekend day. While that in itself may be reason to finish this project at long last, the real deciding factor is that we can't leave the house. For we are snowed in. The blizzard hit yesterday afternoon around 3:00pm, and it's still going strong nearly 24 hours later. We'reright about at the point where any portion of our car is visible. To the unknowing eye, it could just be any old snowbank.

It's quite pretty. Thick and fluffy. I'm glad we don't have to shovel. Time to get to work on those Valentine newsletters.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

our grapes are not sour

I admit it. I've never really liked football all that much. It wasn't until Ted came into my life that I learned to have a greater appreciation of the sport, and then when our friends, Sam and Donna, came into our lives that I started watching it with any frequency. Even then, when we gathered for NFL Sunday Ticket (the only way East coast Seahawks fans can watch their games), I did more socializing than analyzing. Still, through mere osmosis (in combination with my husband's gentle-yet-insistent teachings), the important bits sank in.

That said, the SuperBowl was frustrating. It may be trite that the losing team's fans complain about the referees, but in this case, the officiating was genuinely bad. The Seahawks have said that they know what their mistakes were, and that they could have played better. They've been good sports about it, but they would be remiss not to acknowledge the influence of officiating. What makes us all feel better (how presumptuous of me to speak on behalf of the Seahawks and the horde of people who are collectively the 12th Man) is that we of the blue and green are not the only ones crying foul. The commentators during the game even mentioned it. And the post-game press has covered it thoroughly.

The Seahawks were robbed of a fair chance to win the SuperBowl.

So we move on. I, for one, think their season was great, and first trip to the SuperBowl well-deserved. But for now, we enjoy life for a while (and maybe some curling), and come fall, we'll be in prep mode for Miami.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

non sequitur

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

follow the bouncing ball

Everyone! Sing along!

I had to break the window
It just had to be.
Better that I break the window
Than him, or her, or me.

I had to break the window
It just had to be (it was in my way).
Better that I break the window
Than forget what I had to say
Or miss what I should see...