Sunday, February 12, 2006


I guess there were still some envelopes that needed to be addressed. Oops. Plus, because we've always printed the envelopes in the past, we are not in possession of return address labels. And so, that needed to be written onto each envelope. Ted did all that envelope work.

I wrote the messages. He stamped and sealed envelopes. Excepting a half hour break to eat dinner and the occasional pause to concentrate on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or Olympic snowboarding, it took the two of us four and a half hours today alone just to finish these letters.

Apologies to future recipients of our next holiday newsletter, but we're reverting to using a printer.

By the way, the last report we heard, our town received 23" of snow. Shouldn't I be shoveling?

Good night.

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whimblog said...

Ahhhhhh ! I needed that.

Thanks Kelly - hope you are well.