Wednesday, November 23, 2005

even dawn isn't this early

It's the day before Thanksgiving. In preparation for tomorrow's festivities, Ted had to be at work very early this morning (he left at 4:15am). For some bizarre reason, I got up when he left and have been awake ever since.

I fed the cats, made the bed, and turned up the heat. Read and sent some work email (I admit that it's fun to think about the recipients' potential reactions to my 5:30am messages). A few personal ones, too. Scanned a few blogs, read some news (not a good way to start any day), wandered around the web a bit. Not terribly productive and not sleeping. Does that equate to relaxation?

Now I'll try to be more productive. I'm off to the grocery store to pick up one last supply for tomorrow's dinner, and I hope that the crowds won't have built up just yet. I'll put gas in the car, come back home and have breakfast, then start work at 8:00am. Good thing the work day ends at 3:00 pm today. By then, it'll feel like the end of the day -- given the early start.

Ted works tomorrow, too. Aside from a continuation of chores from last weekend and cooking up a miniature feast, I may blog again. Funny how every instance of me saying that I don't have time to blog is followed by an intense period of blogging. Hmmmmm... .

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