Sunday, November 20, 2005

the chores

Ted has already been to the local laundromat and back this morning, cleaning the gargantuan mattress pad that would choke our own modest washing machine. He brought a book and a pocket full of quarters. It's 31° F outside.

The list of chores I wrote yesterday morning sits patiently on my desk as I wander to and fro doing bits of tasks, never actually focusing all my energy on a single one. This is how I work when overwhelmed by the volume of tasks. As evidence, I'm blogging between trips to the garage, Christmas gifts, and living room. One sentence at a time.

On the docket for today:

  • Laundry
  • Declutter desk, including drawers
  • Bring wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, ribbons, and tags into the house from storage
  • Bring new gifts (acquired yesterday at Costco) up to the Christmas Gift Processing Area (CGPA)
  • Assemble Christmas stockings
  • Write up Rebuilding Together Board meeting minutes

It's a deceptively small list. The reality is that the desk project alone could easily take me the entire day to complete, and I only have until about 2:30pm. I could get philosophical about how I have never really put my heart and soul into our current dwelling because I never thought we would be here as long as we have been. Earlier this morning, I stumbled across a blog that expressed that sentiment, and I recognized it immediately. But let's not get too deep here. They're just chores.

Ted took over laundry duty when he returned (I attempted to start it a couple hours ago, but didn't realize he'd taken the container of detergent with him; so the extent of my involvement was sorting and good intent).

The stocking assembly will be a pleasant distraction. I've already prepared for it by organizing all components on the dining room table, so it's just a matter of sorting items by recipient and artfully arranging them into the 'stockings' accordingly. I did bring up some wrapping paper and bows (though not everything) a little while ago, so we will be prepared to start some wrapping this week (not today). Scissors and six rolls of Scotch tape are already part of the CGPA.

And now to stop blathering on about it all and get on task! Hup-to!

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