Monday, November 28, 2005

40 faces

Stumbled across this cool blog website sometime in between T-Day and football-at-our-house preparations. Thought it was pretty cool, so joined up. Depending on when you read this entry, you may be able to see my smiling face on the site.

Wanted to use this photo of me. Was required to submit one less surreal. Oh well. Deal. All photos are posted in black and white, so I guess this one probably wouldn't have translated too well. Took this self-portrait about a month ago with digital camera. No editing. No PhotoShop. Just interesting lighting (afternoon sun), a big pane glass window (my office), and the tree outside.

Busy weekend. Seahawks by the skins of their shiny, overpaid teeth. Understand the appeal of the contest. Don't understand genuine agita of the spectators (including the three in my house, one of whom I love). It's a game. Understand that play is important in life (being the daughter of a recreation director). But its importance is in its ability to provide enjoyable diversion, not to induce ulcers. Feeling a little under the weather now.

Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow. Maybe blog some more. Maybe stop using choppy fragments. Maybe.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Kel, That is a very cool pic! You are a woman of countless talents!