Wednesday, November 02, 2005

flavorless bananas

About a week ago, I had a midmorning banana for a snack. I don't usually snack between breakfast and lunch, but for some reason, I was hungry that day. The banana's color was just shy of being the perfect ripe yellow, and the fruit felt firm without being rock-like. The stem nub at the top, however, refused to allow my admittedly weak fingernails to break it so I could pull down the peel. I resorted to using a plastic knife from my lunchtime flatware reserve and cut just deep enough to start the peeling process.

Midway down, the flesh turned from a yellow so pale it was almost white to purple-brown in a large elliptical bruise. I expertly sliced the offending portion out with plastic ease and tossed it into the trash. Now, having used the knife twice already, I decided to slice thick silver dollar sized discs and eat them one by one (as opposed to my traditional method of peel-peel-peel-bite-repeat).

The first bite was quite bland. Oh well, it was the tippity top. Maybe the rest would be better. Second disc was equally bland. And the next, and the one after that. It was one seriously flavorless banana. I thought to make some pithy comparison of the feckless fruit to life, but decided against it. I'm just not that deep and occasionally attempt to prevent myself from being that trite.

Since then, Ted bought another bunch of bananas from Costco. I've had one each day since they arrived in our house and graced the carefully crafted banana rack on the dining room table. They are delicious and delectable. Firm and fantastic. Awesome and alliterative (no wait, that's me! ::wink::). Mmm, mmm.

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