Thursday, November 24, 2005

thanksgiving day, part 1

Today's list of chores is long.
  • Launder bathroom #1 shower curtain and liner
  • Drano bathroom #1 shower drain
  • Have breakfast
  • Laundry
  • Blog
  • Finish assembling stockings and pack up by family
  • Investigate how to cook turkey (I'll explain later)
  • Watch Macy's parade
  • Blog
  • Finish emptying/organizing desk clutter
  • Have lunch
  • Bring in remaining holiday wrapping paper, storage containers
  • Refill kitty litter bucket and bring upstairs
  • Call family to say "Happy Thanksgiving!"
  • Blog
  • Replenish tissues throughout house (all boxes tend to get empty at the same time)
  • Scrub bathroom #2 tub
  • Wipe down walls, ceilings
  • Blog
  • Vacuum/mop
  • Empty trash
  • Make little feast (feastlette? feastella? feastita?)
  • Blog
  • Enjoy traditional holiday repast with my husband who will, no doubt, be exhausted from this week's work
  • Relax
  • Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special (in my PJs, just like when I was a kid)
  • Blog
There's no way on God's green Earth I'm going to get all this done. But you have to shoot for the moon to at least land among the stars. Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, and today's graphics will all be supplied by Microsoft Clip Art. All various cornucopia. Appropriate for this day that celebrates being grateful for the bounty in life.

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