Thursday, November 03, 2005

it's official

I'm ready for Christmas. Yesterday, I purchased the first of my annual Christmas CDs (for a buck less at Costco than is selling it). I usually get 2-3 new ones each year -- a tradition I started sometime around 1988. Doing the math, it is safe to say that I have a healthy collection. Last year, when I uploaded them all to iTunes (a process that took forever), they totaled about 1000 songs after duplicates, and that doesn't include the portion of my collection on vinyl and tape. It is getting increasingly difficult to find compilations that have more than a couple songs that I don't already own. Thank goodness for artists who make new albums, like Diana Krall.

Ms. Krall has recorded several Christmas songs in the past. I have an EP of a few songs she released a while ago, and every now and then, she'll contribute a single song to a compilation. I'm glad she's finally gotten around to recording a whole album of holiday music. Although I haven't cracked the cellophane yet, I have great faith that it will be excellent. I think I've mentioned her in previous entries. She is one of my favorite artists. There's not a song she's recorded that I don't like. The arrangements are stunning and her interpretation is as close to perfect as is possible. I thought she was cool all along, but when she married Elvis Costello, I knew I was right.

Anyway, back to my being ready for Christmas. Our shopping list has 87 check marks (gifts purchased), most of the stocking stuffers accounted for, and only a handful of remaining items to find. Today, I allowed myself to start listening to the Holiday playlist on my iPod (although I only listened for about half an hour... don't want to risk premature overkill). I'm still a bit hesitant about the lawn ornaments, store displays, and television commercials I've already seen, but I guess they're no more eager than I am. The plastic Santa on the green lawn with the (finally) changing foliage is a juxtaposition of epic proportions, though.

Bring on the holidays!


Chrysanthemum said...

Wow... you are a Christmas rock star! We haven't even made the list of people we have to buy for yet... Wow, I need to get cracking.

Michelle said...

Hey Kel...

Do you have Steven Curtis Chapman's christmas CD? He actually just released a new one that I do not own yet... amazing! I own everything he's ever recorded! Also, MercyMe just released a new one as well. Two EXCELLENT choices! I'll be purchasing BOTH this season! :) Does Kathy Trocolli have one??? I'll buy that too!

Michelle said...

Kathy Troccoli...

Give it a listen!

Anonymous said...


Diana is from "up our way," southwestern British Columbia. We're proud of her and her great music.

Walnut Grove BC