Saturday, May 21, 2005

not enough time

Every time a variation of this phrase escapes my lips, I think I'm making an excuse. Everyone has the ability to choose those things that are most important to them. Then dedicating the time to it is something they figure out a way to do.

I love the idea of blogging, journalling, and writing creatively. The truth of the matter is, however, that there are other things that I have consciously decided are a better use of my time.

Working my job not only helps to pay all our living expenses, it also -- almost more importantly -- provides our health insurance. In my impetuous youth, that was something I didn't give high priority. So, leaving a stable job with that particular perk to move 'cross country didn't worry me. Now, I'm older (it's 14 years this month since my relocation adventure). I've seen first-hand how health insurance can prevent bankruptcy. And I'm not the only one to think about anymore.

That's just one example. There are others. The point is that I have a cyclical understanding that prioritization is a reality, a necessity. I must abnegate my dreams, and simply be thankful for a wonderful family, a good job, and a safe place to live. For their maintenance is not simple at all. It requires an allocation of time. Less important things mustn't threaten that.


Oftentimes during my morning routine, lunch at my desk, or in other bits of time, I read a variety of information sources online. The New York Times is my favorite, followed closely by,, and There are articles and stories that intrigue me enough that I email them to myself with a reminder to add it to my blog. Well, as of today, there are 44 such reminders sitting in my box, waiting. I rarely make the time to add them here.

In the interest of respecting my own wishes, and with the above-mentioned realization that my priorities lie elsewhere, here is a small list of the topics I've hoped to blog in the past couple months.

There certainly seems to be a thread that connects the last ten points there. I really should prioritize the time so that I can craft a thoughtful, intelligent, and comprehensive essay on my beliefs where this topic is concerned. I touched only briefly on it in my entry a couple weeks ago, and there is more complexity to my opinion than that.

I was going to include a brief version of it here, but after about 10 bullet points, I decided that I simply can't do it justice. So, it will have to wait for another day. Probably some time in the future when I have vacation, so I can really spend a couple days on it.

To wit. I started this entry over five hours ago. Admittedly, I was distracted a couple times (see Point #7 above), but a significant portion of the time has been spent organizing bits and pieces and thoughts and ideas to create this mish-mash of a blog entry. Imagine what I could do if I dedicated all my time to it. Scary thought, eh?

Post script regarding the articles that I linked above. There are four reasons I send myself these articles. [1] I agree with the content. [2] I disagree with the content, and want to explain why. [3] I learned something new from the content. [4] They are humorous (see Point #1).

It is important to note that a number of the articles I linked above fall into Reason [2]. It will be in my aforementioned essay that I will take the time to explain why I disagree. Please take into consideration when reading any of the linked articles that their inclusion in no way indicates my endorsement of the topic.

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Michelle said...

Yikes, girl! You are a feast or famine blogger! LOL! But I love your honesty, and will be totally sad if you actually decide to give up blogging and commit your time to life's more important priorties. :( I love staying up on your life's adventures!