Wednesday, May 11, 2005

just because

It's early in the morning, especially considering that I was up late again last night. I'm here for only a moment (presuming that Picasa/Hello works for me this morning the way it did last night).

This is my goddaughter, Paige. She is 5½ years old. Two pictures, just because.

Paige gives Auntie Kelly a flower, Allison's christening, April 2005

Paige greets a guest, Easter 2005

And this is her little sister, Allison. She sleeps with her hands up over her head, just like her sister did when she was a baby. Two pictures of her, too. Same reason.

Allison's cute face, February 2005

Allison sleeping, Easter 2005

Isn't your day a little better having viewed these pictures? Life is sweet.

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