Saturday, May 28, 2005

it never ends

Trying to enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning before my long list of chores kicks in. And I read about how being fat causes Alzheimer's disease. And being a fat women causes family income to decrease. But at the same time, the rich are getting fat, too.

A recent, somewhere-in-between article from the New York Times reports on an interesting study about movement and weight. To quote a portion of it:

The researchers believe the tendency to sit still or move around is biological and inborn, governed by genetically determined levels of brain chemicals. And that tendency influences weight - not the other way around, the researchers say.

I am still mustering up the strength to spend a vacation crafting my essay. I agree with a lot of the information on this website, although it is not as logically navigable as it could be. This one also has some nice information. The problem with these types of sites is that [A] they tend to look amateurish, and [B] they are so far outside the mainstream that their content is not a force to be reckoned with against the the fat hysteria that is everywhere. That's because society does not believe that fat people can be healthy and happy.

This would be the crux of my essay. I'm always at war with the society that wants (dare I say, needs) to blame me for my size.

Here I go again. Trying to make a simple point in a complex issue. I must stop now! At least there's Daniel Pinkwater, who accepts himself as he is and isn't afraid to poke fun at the silliness.
Now I must do my chores before the real relaxation of the long holiday weekend can commence.

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