Tuesday, November 07, 2006

this is painful

Today's song count is 4148. Sunday's was 4083. At this rate (32.5 songs per day), and using my estimate of 40,000 total songs, it will take me three years, one week, and two days to get everything uploaded. Ack.

I have two problems hindering my speed. Whenever iTunes is importing a CD, it slows everything else down. Really badly. Very frustrating and it reduces my productivity on all projects. Also, every now and then when I insert a disc, iTunes asks me to choose which disc it should reference. Unfortunately, the options are often identical with no way for me to tell what differentiates them or -- more importantly -- which one reflects the correct information for my specific CD.

Tonight's touble child was Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams." The prompt showed me the same three choices, but when I picked one, the track list was completely wrong. I removed and re-inserted the disc hoping to get the prompt again to choose a different one, but it now automatically associates this disc with my incorrect choice. So, either I do some research and find out how to fix this problem (which requires far more work than I want to do), or I let the stupid thing upload with the wrong track list and manually fix everything afterwards (which is even stupider). ACK!

Someday, probably three CDs away from having everything transferred to the computer (November 15, 2009), I'll figure it out. Tonight's additions are as follows (in absolutely no order and with no reasons):
  • Wilco "Yankee Foxtrot Hotel"
  • Sting "The Dream of the Blue Turtles"
  • Cheap Trick "Authorized Greatest Hits"
  • Montell Jordan "This is How We Do It"
  • Robert Downey Jr. "The Futurist"
  • Pete Belasco "Get It Together"
Ah, the pain I must endure for my music. Now, onto the next blog entry. Two in one night!

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