Friday, November 17, 2006

hooky, part vi

A landmark! It took some time, and I could have been more aggressive today. But I was otherwise occupied at various times throughout the day. I'm not worried. I have a weekend ahead of me. My to-do list is a continuation of last week's list. Although the truth is that it's a perpetual list whose content is simply inflated and reduced. So the music odometer will continue to click.

In between chores and continued song uploading, I'll also need to squeeze in a trip to Orange in an attempt to procure a sparkly dress (and probably some sparkly shoes) for the company's holiday party, which is coming up very quickly. And Sunday will have us driving to our Seahawks' friends' house for game-watching. That is, presuming any/all of the four of us are up to it (all of us have some variation of a cold at the moment).

For now, sleep, dream, recuperate. TTYL.

Song count: 10152

"Butterfly" by Corinne Bailey Rae

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