Sunday, November 12, 2006

sunday stuff (first and final)

No real blogging for me today, just this one entry (and it won't be anything significant). A stark contrast to yesterday, when the unwitting passerby might think I did nothing else but blog. Today was a nice Sunday of rest. I did a few things, none of which required much energy.

More songs uploaded (I'll put a count at the end, along with the song playing at the time), more email, news, and blogs read, a podcast listened to (This American Life), more TiVo caught up on (Flip That House), some napping (covered with an afghan and surrounded by sleeping cats) immensely enjoyed, three meals made. Good stuff.

There are always topics I'd like to discuss. And as is usually the case when I attempt to talk about size acceptance, I always think of other aspects I'd wished I'd included. But I'm not going into any of that tonight. Don't want to risk saturation.

OK, so I'm just being lazy.

On that note, I would like to suggest a couple places on the web to visit where you can lighten your emotional load. If you're not already reading Dave Barry's blog, you're missing out. But even if you don't go there, you must at least check out this interview. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't speak to explain to my perplexed husband what was so funny. And Cute Overload reflexively puts all the smile muscles to immediate use. Like this.

Good night.

Song count: 6053

"The Goon Drag" by Don Byron

Photo by Russ Dillingham of the Lewiston (Maine) Sun Journal.

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