Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i can quit any time i want

Trying to prove to myself that I'm not actually addicted to uploading music, I made a radical change of plan this afternoon. Instead of coming home immediately after work (then uploading music, making and having dinner, and uploading more music), I called Ted moments before pulling into the garage and suggested we go out to dinner. He agreed, and so off we went to Amerigo. Our friends, Bob and Trish, are the owners. They have a very loyal clientele, as evidenced by the fact that they regularly take long weekends (closing down the restaurant all together). Today, they put a sign on the door saying they'd be open by 5:15pm. We got there a little past 5:00pm, and decided to wait. Trish showed up at 5:45pm. Too funny.

Anyway, we sat in the car and chatted about our day at work. We heard a fender bender occur just out of sight, and we chuckled as car after car drove up to the restaurant door, read the sign, and left. Once in, we chatted with Trish for a bit and settled in for a rare three course dinner. We both had New England clam chowder. Always a fine choice, although I had been hoping for Bob's amazing butternut squash and apple soup. Then for appetizers, I had a crab cake with grilled shrimp and ginger sauce, and Ted had unbreaded calamari sauteed in marinara sauce. For the entree, I had manicotti that really needs to have a more inventive name because it's the best manicotti I've ever had anywhere, hands down. The home made red sauce alone is worth writing home about. Ted went simpler and had a Caprese salad (mozzarella and tomato slices with balsamic vinegar and giant leaves of fresh basil). I even had a nice glass of Merlot, which complemented the dinner wonderfully.

See? I just spent an entire paragraph talking about a lovely evening out with my husband, where we chatted and enjoyed dinner. I'm not obsessed.

When we got home, we did a little TiVo catch-up, and now I'm back to the computer. OK, so I'm back to uploading, but I can multi-task. I've also been writing this blog entry and chatting with Caitlin online. Now that I've said all that, it is -- in fact -- time to go to bed. When this last disc of the evening is done, my current song count will be 7586.

Last one out, turn off the lights.

"Over the Moon" by Luka Bloom

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