Thursday, November 16, 2006

the sloggin' noggin

What, no mad upload post at 5:00am? No desperate attempts to disprove addiction? How could I let an entire day go by without an update?

Well, my children, sometimes life intervenes. Two signs came to me today to convince me to temper my furious import mania. First was the overwhelming need to sleep for more than four or five hours. After about a week of late night bedtimes and very early morning alarms, the deprivation has caught up with me. So, this morning, I woke up, got ready for work, and went to work. That's it. No squeezing just another 100 songs in while blow-drying my hair.

Then, something happened in my office that could either be interpreted as Sign #2 or could just be an indicator that Sign #1 has long-reaching consequences. In the 20 seconds I was bent over to get some promotional bags out of a box on the floor of my office, I completely forgot that there are large, steel storage bins mounted overhead. Can you see this coming? I didn't. I stood straight up and ***WHAM*** smacked the back of my skull right into the edge of the bin. That was almost nine hours ago. My head still hurts. My husband finally convinced me to take some Aleve. Maybe I'll sleep.

So, anyway, I did actually do some uploading tonight. I'll put the count in at the bottom. Instead of just listing the song that's playing as I publish, I'm going to put in the last 30 songs I've heard on shuffle. These combinations are getting downright amazing, now that there's so much more music in my iTunes library. But, as I mentioned about the paradox the other day, I still have a long way to go. The first 5000 or so songs were from CDs that I listened to most frequently or used for a specific purpose (like having my entire holiday catalog online or making mix "tapes"), plus song purchases. After about 5000, I started going through my rack in alphabetical order. Right now, I'm up to Counting Crows. So, there's still a lot to go. Plus, after Z, there are a couple of sections by genre (soundtracks, compilations, and classical). Yep, lots left to do.

Man, I must have banged around my brain, because I feel like I'm just rambling and making little sense. So, I'll get back to business. The list of songs I've listened to tonight while uploading music. Here goes:

Joshua Bell

The Child Is Gone
Fiona Apple

Men In My Life
Anita Baker

John Mayer

Alanis Morissette

I Like You

The Uncertainty Of The Poet
Kurt Elling

Space Oddity
David Bowie

Mary Jane
Alanis Morissette

The Working Hour
Tears For Fears

Hey Jupiter
Tori Amos

Bobby McFerrin

Can't Get Enough
Bad Company

Let's Get Away From It All

Departure Bay
Diana Krall

Astrud Gilberto, Antõnio Carlos Jobim & Marty Paich's Orchestra

4 Leaf Clover
Erykah Badu

Wedding Song
Andy Stochansky

Hello, Goodbye
The Beatles

Karma Killer
Robbie Williams

Don't Let It Get To You
Jane Child

World Waits
Jeremy Enigk

Instant Replay
Dan Hartman

Lullaby Of Broadway
Dianne Reeves

Big Decision
That Petrol Emotion

Muzzle Of Bees

Just Wait
Blues Traveler

My Love
Mary J. Blige

Less Is More
Joss Stone

O Morro Nao Tem Vez (Favela)
Stan Getz, Luiz Bonfá w/Antõnio Carlos Jobim

You've got to admit, that's getting crazy eclectic. Love it!

OK before the song count, I must redirect your attention to my blogging friend, Billy. He is very committed to producing new art on a regular basis, and I love his use of color. He starts with one or more of several media (paint, photography, etc.), but his hallmark is the digitization he employs. There are two pieces here. The one at top is a new one (although I don't know why Blogger's putting a big block of white space under it). The one here is a Christmas flashback from last year. Nice work, as always, Billy!

OK, super duper time for my brusied head to rest on soft pillows. Song count: 8046.

Blogger has way freaked out on me. Pictures gone screwy, spellcheck telling me entire paragraphs are wrong. Maybe it bumped its skull on something hard, too. Good night.

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