Friday, November 17, 2006

hooky, part ii

OK, I didn't plan to take what is now officially a 4-day weekend. Let's just say that I'm polluted from my time in Manhattan yesterday, and am going to purify myself today. That said, as the purification process began this morning, I also happened to upload some music. Song count: 9150. Barring an exceptionally long nap, I should easily break the 10,000 song mark today.

As the CDs are uploaded, I've been placing them into large storage bins, rather than putting them back on my huge CD shelving unit. The truth is that my collection outgrew that rack a couple years ago, which explains why everything relatively new is completely out of order: there was no space for me to integrate them alphabetically or by genre, so I ended up with stacks on top of it, next to it, and on the bookshelves in our office.

Now that everything's going into containers, the shelves are slowly emptying, and I'm faced with the reality of trying to reorganize my collection. Logic tells me to start doing this now, but fear tells me to wait until everything is done. It's going to be a massive project. I've been through it once before, when I outgrew my old rack (which held about 500 CDs) and had to blend the subsequent stacks into the group. It took a day and all the table, chair, and floor space in the living room and dining room. Ted has told me that he's going to make himself scarce this time, so frightened is he at the prospect of watching the spectacle again.

For now, I'm holding off. I have a few other higher priority projects (like Christmas wrapping) that need to be done first. We'll just have to live with the now-growing stack of 40 quart storage containers filled to the brim with CDs.

I may blog more today. I'm not going anywhere (except to nap), and I'll be uploading par usual, so it's a distinct possibility.

"It Can't Be Forever" by Ephraim Lewis

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