Saturday, November 11, 2006

saturday stuff, part iii

Progress continues. An IM conversation with nephew, Andrew, taught me a simple answer to an iTunes challenge that has vexed me in my upload process. Thanks, Andrew! Laundry is nearly done, the bed stripped and re-made, Christmas presents relocated from one hiding spot to another (to prevent a curious husband from happening across something he shouldn't see before December 25th), trash emptied, and the song count up to 5313.

I must now head to a project that will keep me in another room (i.e. away from both iTunes and Blogger) for a little while. But I'm determined to finish putting together the kids' stockings this weekend! And so I must away.

But before I go, the song that's playing right now on shuffle (which I'll list below) connects nicely with an activity and a quote from this past week. On Tuesday, we all headed to the polls for mid-term elections. I indeed voted (see sticker payment for civic responsibility, above). Shortly thereafter, I heard a quote from W.C. Fields that made me chuckle. It is "I never vote for anybody. I always vote against." Sad, but true. Never one to stick to party lines, even I was astonished by the fact that I voted for candidates from four different political parties. Craziness.

"Election Day" by Lyle Lovett

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