Sunday, December 03, 2006


It's Sunday, and there's stuff to do. Not as much was accomplished yesterday as I would have hoped. So much for the freakish level of energy. I did do a notable amount of CD uploading. Some household chores. We went to dinner with Sam & Donna. Today's project list, therefore, is considerably longer. Blogger is not letting me use the bullet function, so this recap of my tasks isn't as pretty a list as I'd like it to be:

* Complete upload of entire CD collection (this may be ambitious, but I'm going to give it a shot)
* Completing Christmas newsletter (also ambitious, but also worth a shot)
* Clean off pile on my desk (never-ending chore)
* Another day of blog updates (first three projects will keep me at the computer all day, so why not?)
* Divvying up candy for the stockings
* Wrapping presents (probably not all of them, because it's a busy day)
* Buying sparkly shoes for next weekend's activities (company holiday party, and the Boston Pops Holiday Concert!!)

That's it, I need a nap already! I'm exhausted just writing that list. Enough for this first entry of the day. There's work to be done.

Song count: 15311

Interesting upload notes:
* I have completed the main section of the collection, uploading the ZZ Top CD last night.
* Remaining are jazz, soundtracks, compilations, and classical (currently uploading jazz).
* I estimate the remaining CDs will add another 1500 songs or so.

"Comfort Ye My People" by Vanessa Bell Armstrong & Daryl Coley from Handel's Messiah, A Soulful Celebration (iTunes shuffle is on the Christmas only playlist, which has 1043 songs)

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