Sunday, December 17, 2006

we are elves: we dance

I have requested -- nay, demanded -- that all of my nieces and nephews perform this task. The first four are in, and I must post them here. In a pre-emptive attempt to avoid their potential claims that I'm embarrassing them on the internet, I'm posting my own final product first. See? It's all in good fun!

OK, so here's Aunt Kelly's elf dance.

Now, here's Andrew's.

And here's Caitlin's.

Here's Dan's.

Here's Sammi's.

Is it worthwhile to note that the college students were the first to reply? I wonder if they have some spare time on their hands. ::wink:: The second phase of elves include Dan, who is a high school junior, and Sammi, who is in 8th grade. Now Josh, Megan, Ariel, Courtney, and Ryan must all comply with my demand! *UPDATED - Don't you guys realize that I'm still in possession of your gifts? Bend to my will and elf thyself! Or I shall be forced to keep the goodies for myself! Or use the worst possible photo I have of you and make your elf myself!

Sadie is intrigued by the on-screen dancing (to the right). She watches the monitor closely as I view Sammi in full elf regalia.

This little blog of mine (I'm a-gonna' let it shine? just kidding) has a few regular readers. Hi Regular Readers, and thanks so much for visiting regularly! And there are a few passersby who happen across sanguinary blue by hitting the "next blog" button, going to Connecticut Weblogs or Forty Faces, or coming from a blog that links to mine. Hi Passersby, thanks for taking the time to peruse. And then there are the searchers who end up reading one of my silly little posts when they've entered keywords into one of a zillion engines. Hi All!

To this wonderful melting pot assemblage of an audience, I'd like to request that you, too, make your own dancing elf. It's easy! And it's fun! And when you're done, please post the URL in the comments section of this entry. Christmas is all about sharing.

Thanks to Whitney at USA Today's Pop Candy for blogging about The Elfamorphosis. Otherwise, we never would have had so much fun becoming elves!

Happy Holidays!

"Christmas Don't Be Late" by Powder (a kick-butt cover of the Chipmunks' song, which was simply called "The Chipmunk Song")

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30 Something Girl said...

I love it! I think you should post all their pics together ... what a great card that would be!

Hi ya back

kellycoxsemple said...

Great minds think alike, my friend! That's my plan! In fact, I'm going to go light on blogging for a few days -- the only exception being the addition of new elves as my nieces and nephews send them to me. I've also suggested my siblings get in on the act, so we'll see if any of them bite.

Michelle said...

Kel.... ahem... I don't think I will post my face on the elf thingy.... but yours was funny! Yes, I'm a regular reader, and stand in awe of your systematic year-long Christmas shopping routine. I'm not worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Something Girl said...

Is this what I am supposed to do?

kellycoxsemple said...

Awww, Meet-shell, where's your sense of adventure? What about Adam and Nick? They'd make GREAT elves!! I'd bet Jason would do it, too. C'mon! Give it a go!

30-something-girl, you used a great picture for your elf. Not only does the black-and-white give it an incredibly unique look, you make a seriously upbeat elf!