Sunday, December 03, 2006


As I began my tasks in earnest, Ted informed me that he was going on strike unless I gave him some attention. So, we spent some time together while the chores languished a bit.

Then, my friend, Rina, called. And whenever the two of us are on the phone, it's practically guaranteed to take at least an hour. We clocked approximately 75 minutes this morning, and the only reason it was that brief was because they REALLY had to get going to be at Alia's swimming lessons on time.

Anyway, post-phone call, Ted and I had some breakfast. Song uploading continued sporadically through it all. He has now started laundry, and now I must recommit to my original list. Eek, the day is already half done!

Song count: 15828

"Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day?" by Bianca Ryan

Now I have to talk about Bianca Ryan. I saw her the first time she sang on "America's Got Talent" over the summer, and was immediately in awe. She was aaaaaah-maaaaaaaayz-iiiiiiiiiing (see video below). She, in fact, went on to win the million dollar prize, and received a record contract (not part of the prize, but completely logical -- see video below). I bought her album as soon as it came out and was immediately struck by the fact that they completely overproduced her. The vocal talent and personality are still clearly present. But the power has been stripped. (See video below.) It is this girl's power that gives me shivers every single time I watch this. The studio version is nice, but does not induce the same shivers. Thank goodness she's only 12, and there's plenty of time for her career to evolve. OK, what are you going to do now? See video below.

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