Monday, December 04, 2006

this can't wait

I don't blog at work. Ever. Well, a couple times during lunch when I first started blogging two years ago. But since then, never.

It's snowing. Just the teensiest bit. Minuscule flakes blowing around madly, like confectionery sugar in a blender. Last night, after seeing the Seahawks beat the Broncos (but just barely, and I reassert, Josh Brown rules!), the New York network news said potentially significant snow was on its way, but the Connecticut network news said it would miss us.

What is falling now seems to be somewhere in the middle of those predictions. Or it's just the beginning. In which case, I should have listened to the New York news because, not only do I not have my heavy coat, scarf, gloves, or other winter accoutrement, I'm wearing sandals. Yeah. Sandals. Oops.

Interesting thing is that this past Friday night, it was so warm, we turned on the air conditioning. In December. The whole world's gone kooky!

Sure is pretty, though. And festive. I guess I'll tolerate the cold toes for today.

"What Christmas Means to Me" by Paul Young (via the iPod, in the Logic 3 iStation in my office)


30 Something Girl said...

You sound like me... I totally understand the sandals thing. Here in Atlanat it's 49 degrees. Last week it was 76 degrees.

kellycoxsemple said...

I think it's been kooky weather everywhere. I lived in Seattle for about nine years, and in all that time, it snowed maybe four times. Yet a few weeks ago, they were hit with the white stuff pretty significantly.

I also blame Seattle's temperate clime for embedding the notion in my head that it's never really that cold outside, so the sandals are fine. The only time that's not true is when I can actually see snow or ice, which is a bit silly because here in New England, we can be precipitation-free and it's 10 degrees below zero!

30 Something Girl said...

Coming back for an update.... it's freggin 0 degrees here. Brrrrrr

kellycoxsemple said...

Oh, we're luckier than you, despite being about 900 miles North of you! It's a balmy 32 degrees here, with a bit of wind bringing the "real feel" down to 21 degrees. We're supposed to have flurries tonight and tomorrow. I bought non-sandal shoes tonight. :-) Stay warm!