Sunday, December 03, 2006

we interrupt this broadcast...

Sometimes, it's good to be laid back. A less laid back person would have been frustrated by the fact that iTunes decided it'd had enough of uploading CDs. Especially on a day when that less-than-laid-back person had made a goal to finish -- once and for all -- the transfer of music from CDs to the computer.

Oh well. Perhaps iTunes was actually frustrated that the laid back person was too laid back -- regularly taking unplanned breaks to have lunch, take a nap, and watch the Seahawks. Perhaps, the meltdown was revenge for iTunes feeling neglected that a mere 3232 songs were uploaded since Friday night, instead of the 3711 remaining. That's right, iTunes crapped out 479 songs from the finish line. C'est la vie. By the way, that's the title of a great song by Robbie Nevil. It's one that I own on vinyl -- the next frontier in music transfer.

So, I'm retiring for the evening. I'll watch some more of the Seahawks, who overcame snow on their home field last week (very unusual for Seattle) for a victory, as they battle it out against the Broncos in 16° F Denver. Brrr. Then, I'll go to bed. Woo-hoo. Does the excitement never end?

Song count: 16463 (or 479 fewer than anticipated; so close)

"Mele Kalikimaka" by Chris Isaak (a very fun, Hawaiian Christmas song of which I have several versions, though this is my favorite)

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