Sunday, December 03, 2006

what was i thinking?

A couple items have already been removed from the list. Good progress is occurring with the music. Probably because it doesn't require any real brain power. Despite the morning's delays, the afternoon thus far has included another 400 songs done, and the end in sight. Stacked on my desk are the last of the CDs from the rack. There are 14 soundtracks and 41 classical albums left, and the CD portion of my library will be completely online.

Meanwhile, I've had to ditch gift wrapping and shoe-shopping today. I have been working on the newsletter. Last year around this time (while working on the 2005 newsletter), I'd created the basis for this year's format. It sat in wait until about September, when I went in and did some minor fiddling. Other than inserting a bunch of photos, choosing fonts, and a little rearranging, I've done nothing else on it.

Now that I'm working on it, I realize that my hope of simplifying the process this year is really just a pipe dream. I can't merely dash off a few quick sentences and slap on some pictures: my editorial alter ego pushes to the fore and demands that an ample amount of time be taken. I wonder how many holidays will pass before I mail the Christmas newsletter?

Back to it. Again.

Song count: 16267

"Agnus Dei" by Bel Canto

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