Thursday, December 08, 2005

the quiet niece

Sure, to people who really know her well, Megan can be pretty boisterous. But compared to the truly noisy people in the family (and there are plenty of us), she's downright silent.

When she was little, she was a fashionista. She even helped her mother coordinate outfits right down to the accessories, coats, and make-up. One Christmas, in an effort to reel in out-of-control gift-giving, the family decided to draw names so only one person would buy for each kid. I got Megan. I think she was five years old that Christmas. The fun part about this method was that I got to spend my entire "kid budget" on one kid! It was an easy decision: I bought Megan a miniature wardrobe. She was little. Fred Meyer and Target had inexpensive clothes that were cute and colorful. It was a blast.

Ah, but that was 12 long years ago. For today is Megan's 17th birthday. A junior in high school, contacts replacing glasses, braces removed, a boyfriend, a job, and a driver's license (alternately in and out of her possession), a plan to become a high school social studies teacher. The girl who became my second-oldest niece and first goddaughter is growing up. (Can you hear the sniffing again? Pass me a tissue!) Her wardrobe now consists of demin and fleece, which is almost universally the teenager's uniform. She may be just the tiniest bit less helpful to her fashion-challenged Mom.

Happy birthday, Meg! And please let me take a picture of the front of your head sometime before you graduate from high school!


Sammi said...

Hey Can u do an entry about me and court!

kellycoxsemple said...

Darling heart, be patient. And remember, you and your hip-attached cousin were the stars of an article in our 2004 Christmas newsletter. An article so long, it had to be continued from page 1 (where your fresh, shining faces were featured) to page 2.

By the way, Miss Smarty-Pants with the school honors, look at that sentence you wrote. It's missing one punctuation mark, and the other should be something else. You've abbreviated a real word to a single letter. You didn't capitalize a proper name. And technically, you should have put yourself last at the end. Like this:

Hey! Can you do an entry about Court and me?

Grammar lesson of the day from Auntie Kelly. Love and hugs, kisses and cuddles, stay away from those presents, you! And we'll see you next week! :-)