Thursday, December 01, 2005

forgiving clock

There's a psychologist somewhere in the world who would tell me that forgiveness will set me free from my ongoing dreams. If I can bring myself to forgive Clock for all that was said and done, then I'll have resolution and the dreams will stop, right? Closure will make it happen. Right?


It's easy for me to forgive Clock. I know that there were challenges in Clock's life that contributed to the behavior, and I understand that the behavior was an adaptation designed to deflect pain and criticism to others so as not to feel it personally. There. Some of my own armchair psychology.

However, there are two important factors, even taking that knowledge into consideration. [1] The presence of tribulations in one's life neither fates a person to unhappiness nor gives blanket permission for meanness. And [2] I have no reason to believe that Clock thinks there's anything to be forgiven for. Absolution may well mean nothing to the recipient, so it means nothing to me.

I find myself at the same conclusion as this morning's entry -- resigned to the occasional dream. It could be worse.

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