Friday, December 23, 2005

counting down

Only 42 hours until Christmas! I have so much to do! I'm off to work now, early so I can get as much done there as possible. Office closes early, which is nice but impractical because of the amazing traffic jam that starts around noon and never actually ends. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes me 90 minutes to get home (an 11-mile trip).

Oh well, can't let things like that discourage me. It's time I can relax and absorb all my wonderful Christmas music. My iPod's Christmas playlist has approximately 1000 songs, and I've gone through the random rotation more than twice in the last couple weeks. Everything from "A Christmas Festival" by The Boston Pops (one of the very first Christmas albums I bought on CD and still the reigning champion on my list of favorites) to "Fifty Kilowatt Tree" by The Bobs (a song from 1996 that I just discovered on iTunes last year and a must for every collection). Good stuff.

41 hours and 48 minutes!

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Michelle said...

HI Kel! Merry Christmas! We are in Maryland, going to the Nat'l Zoo today. Watch my blog... I'll (hopefully) be posting pictures. Have fun!