Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a reason

I went to the doctor last week because I was sick. This may not sound like a big deal: people go to doctors all the time. But generally speaking, I have to experience a significant amount of distress before deciding to seek medical attention. It was a good thing I went because it turns out I have both a bacterial sinus infection and a viral upper respiratory infection. The antibiotics have done a fine job of getting the sinus issue under control. I can both breathe and swallow now, which is pretty damned exciting when you think about it.

Today, after the sudden and dramatic worsening of a symptom, I went back to the doctor. After a long time in an exam room (literally hours) and a series of blood tests, it's apparent that the viral infection is much worse than originally thought. Unfortunately, there is no nifty treatment like antibiotics for viruses. So, it becomes a matter of attempting to suppress it long enough for my body to recover from the damage it's caused.

So, I've been sick. And I've been tired. And I'm trying to catch up at work after missing about five full days of it. And sometimes there's not enough energy or motivation or sheer will that allows me to be as productive as I want to (or should) be. So forgive me for past "peep"-type entries, and any in the future that may appear. I'm working on a new balancing act.

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