Wednesday, January 06, 2010

day 6: just a few clicks more

Perhaps you've heard of The Hunger Site. The premise is simple: click a button on the site and be re-directed to a page where you view sponsors who fund charitable donations to organizations that feed the hungry. You don't ever have to buy anything from the sponsors or the online store. Of course, you might be tempted and someday purchase something, which is why the sponsors pay the money. But if you can resist the urge to shop, you can essentially make a small, daily donation to a worthy cause for free.

Apparently, a fair number of folks do this. The Hunger Site reports that visitor clicks totaled 65.7 million cups of food donated in 2009. Another page with exactly the same format, The Animal Rescue Site, gathered enough clicks to donate 92 million bowls of pet food to shelters.

But there are four other sites all affiliated that don't seem to get the same level of attention. Although it's certainly great that The Breast Cancer Site was able to help nearly 7,000 women to get mammograms (and admittedly, it takes more clicks to get a mammogram than a cup of food), it seems to me that number should be higher. The same is true for the Child Health, Literacy, and Rainforest sites. If everyone who clicked on The Hunger Site and/or The Animal Rescue Site could take a bit longer and click the other sites, as well, I think those numbers could really swell.

And it's not difficult. There is a tab for each of the six sites at the tops of them all.

Just click a few more times. Every little bit helps!

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