Thursday, January 05, 2006

mad at the sun

My desk faces four very large windows. I love having windows in my office. I understand why people try so hard to get offices when this is one of the benefits.

I've had to adapt somewhat as the afternoon sun blazes a trail from left to right. There are curtains I can draw, but for some inexplicable reason, they've been fashioned from extremely loose weave linen. So their effectiveness is blocking out glare is limited.

Usually, I can rearrange myself in such a way as to be behind one of the window frames with just enough width to cast a shadow on my eyes. Sure, I have to slowly move as the sun does, but it's no big deal. Today, however, perhaps because of a combination of crankiness and weather, I can't get a handle on the sun situation.

There are fluffy, misshapen clouds being blown about at such a high rate of speed that the sun has effectively become a strobe light. It shines, it hides, it shines, it hides, it shines, it hides. Because of the thin edges of the clouds, it's not so drastic as a light being turned on and off. It's a dimming and brightening. It shines, it hides, it shines, it hides. I have work to do, and it's a terrible distraction. I'm too impatient for the sun's playful antics today.

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