Friday, January 27, 2006

disquiet and quiet

I'm wrestling with some turmoil lately, deciding if I should break the window. That is, when I should... . It consumes my time and saps my energy. Hence, the recent silence of the blog. And the continuing silence.

No more for today, other than a salute to the ephemeral. The team we've been rooting for for years made it to the SuperBowl this year. Yet despite an amazing record, a determined coach, and a host of talented players, they get dissed by the football establishment. During the Carolina game last week, it was painful to watch the bias against our Seahawks by the commentators, during the game and between quarters, despite the fact that we decimated the Panthers.

On the other hand, we, as faithful and long-time fans, continue to believe. In fact, we have temporarily renamed our cat, Milo. He is now Milofa. Here's to proving the critics all wrong (again). Go 'hawks!

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