Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Today, I was invited to become a member of the Board of Directors for the local Rebuilding Together affiliate. I am thrilled! I have participated in a variety of charitable organizations for years, and have always hoped that I would eventually become a Board member somewhere.

My association with Rebuilding Together began in 1992, when it was called Christmas in April. I volunteered to join a group from the Jaycees and Junior Chamber of Commerce in Seattle to repair the home of a disabled woman on Capitol Hill. Some time later, I put together a team of volunteers from my company to work on a project here in Connecticut. That started a tradition, and this year was the fourth time I organized it (with the largest group of volunteers yet -- 45 people!).

The timing is probably bad, given the attention I'll be giving to the Big Meeting that most of my job focuses on (it takes place in May 2006), but I shall try to balance them. Aside from feeling great that Rebuilding Together recognizes my commitment and wants me to be a part of their Board, it's also nice to have something I've always wanted seemingly just show up on my doorstep unexpectedly. What a wonderful surprise.

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