Monday, June 06, 2005

the newest member of our family

Last Saturday, our friends arrived with Chester (a.k.a. Woodle), who has officially become the fourth cat in our family.

Woodle arrives

While sweet and lovable, Woodle has been understandably reticent meeting Milo, Sadie, and Schmoo, and tentative about his new surroundings which are quite different (and smaller) than his old ones. He's alternately approached each cat (tentatively, and with a long, high pitched hum that we call the 'Woodle Alarm') and hidden from them. For several hours this morning, we couldn't find him at all. Turns out, he'd hidden under one of the couches.

We feel confident that he will acclimate, and that -- eventually -- all four of them will learn to live in harmony. Until then, we handle each Woodle Alarm individually.

The most recent meeting I was planning at work took place this past Saturday, as well, and it turned out great. Woodle arrived about an hour after I returned home from the meeting, and is a wonderful addition. It's been a productive weekend. I'm tired, but happy.

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