Wednesday, June 22, 2005

more pomp, more circumstance

The second nephew this year is now a high school graduate. Tonight, Ted's oldest nephew, Geno, had his ceremony. I've only known Geno for seven of his 18 years. He, too, is a good egg. Level-headed and thoughtful, he has endured hardships few of his peers have faced. Last year, his father, Bob, had a terrible accident which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Geno wasted no time stepping up to the plate to do anything that needed to be done for his Mom and the rest of the family.

Our big fear at the time was that Geno would defer his own dreams to help his family indefinitely. That was allayed when, during his senior year, he began his own wood-chopping and delivery business. He worked hard enough to earn the money to buy a truck. And he seems to be well on his way to entrepreneurship, much like Bob who, despite a life-changing injury, has not only resumed management of his business, but has started a second one.

Geno's 2005 senior portrait
(with emblazoned name, just in case
we forget who he is)

Geno and Jess, Junior Prom 2004

I have a picture of Geno and Jess at the Senior Prom, too, but it is printed (how positively 20th century), and I'm too lazy to scan it this late at night. Perhaps I'll add it later.

Congrats, Geno!

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