Saturday, June 11, 2005

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After an initial period during which Woodle hid or retreated, he has discovered (and embraced) his inner alpha.

Woodle, slightly hiding

Milo -- for years the dominant cat in our household -- has been taken to task by the slightly disfigured and considerably smaller Woodle, who now chases him up the stairs and through the house. Now, I've seen all three of our cats run up that staircase, but none of them hit it with the vigor and speed of Woodle. He's like a shot. It's amazing how fast those little legs go!

There has been some unhappy vocalization, with Woodle making a noise at Milo that I can best describe as "spitting." And despite the fact that Milo runs when chased, he is rarely ruffled by Woodle beyond that. Sadie and Schmoo are determined to keep him in line with aggressive hissing and growling, though they make no effort to bat at or chase him. It's the boys who seem to have the biggest rows, which is the opposite of what we thought would occur.

At the moment (as for the past couple hours), I've seen neither hide nor hair of Woodle. Milo, Sadie, and Schmoo are all happily napping in various places around the house. In fact, Sadie is sleeping on the desktop afghan right next to my computer. I think I'll take a picture of her right now with my digital camera, upload it, edit it, and post it here.

Sadie, ten minutes ago

I love technology. In fact, I'm going to take one of Schmoo, too, who is napping on the floor a few feet away. She has commandeered a new blanket we allocated especially for Woodle. But because he hasn't claimed it as his own, both Schmoo and Milo have been test driving it. They find it quite satisfactory.

Schmoo, five minutes ago

Now it's time to start up on the Saturday chores I've thus far neglected. Thankfully, the list is fairly small, so it should be a relaxing day. Sam and Donna join us tonight for dinner (Kirkland Signature chicken bakes) and a game. Tomorrow's wide open. Oh my gosh, a whole day with nothing planned! I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself.

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