Friday, April 20, 2007

time clock of the heart

Although I got to bed at 3:00am last night (um, this morning) after a few too many hours of reading and ranting blog-style, I was wide awake for another 30 minutes -- desperately attempting to prevent my very persistent cat, Milo, from jumping on Ted's sleeping head. See what sleep deprivation can do to a person? That first sentence is a mess!

Anyway, he was determined to pounce, and I had to distract him until he gave up and either went to sleep or left the room. It was about 3:30pm when he curled up on my pillow in resignation.

I dragged my sorry butt up to feed the cats at about 8:00am, with Schmoo noisily (but still sweetly) reminding me that I was a couple hours late at the crunchy dish. I dragged my sorry butt back to bed, and didn't emerge again until noon.

Two very late nights and one extremely late morning (um, afternoon), and I've decided this is a habit I best not develop. It's just past 10:00pm now. Ted's going to bed because he has to get up at the freakin' crack of dawn for work, and so I'm going with him. Good night.

Song: "Lay Your Head Down" by Keren Ann
Reading Material: Still only reading stuff online
Other: Strawberry shortcake rocks, even if the whipped cream is fat-free and sugar-free.

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