Sunday, April 29, 2007

no day feels like any day anymore

It took four weeks post-employment for life to start to blur. I thought it might happen sooner. After all, Ted works a non-traditional week, removing the structure of a standard weekend that might theoretically reinforce the calendar. Add to that the TiVo revolution (in which, no television show is actually watched on the day it aired), which might further widen the fuzziness.

In any event, it's Sunday, and to me, it's felt like Thursday all day. Ted's at work. I'm working on my home projects. Today, it's the start of a complete overhaul of our entire office, from paper clips and overstuffed bookcases to photographs and the new LaserJet printer. Actually, I started yesterday (it's going to take a while). I'm taking the trash out to the Dumpster on the way to pick up the mail. I have pasta primavera planned for dinner.

I've also begun scheduling all the other projects on a large paper calendar -- the kind that hangs on the wall with big empty boxes to write stuff onto each day. Alas, after a 4-week vacation, it's time to buckle down and accomplish a few things. So, enough pointless blogging for now. I have stuff to do!

UPDATE: Two things. First, I neglected to mention that I'd read the Sunday New York Times this morning. You know, an obvious sign that today is Sunday, not Thursday. Second, after this whole spiel, I still wrote in this blog that I was going outside to get the mail. And when I went to the mailbox, um, well... the mail isn't delivered on Sundays.

Song: "Heartbreaker" by Michael Jackson. OK, why do I feel defensive listening to Jacko? Scandals aside, I enjoy most of his music. This song is good, and an obvious inspiration to folks like Justin Timberlake.
Book: Um, I'm not reading a book at the moment. I bought two gossip rags at Costco the other day (People and Us). I haven't read them yet, either.
Other: Flowers and trees are blooming all over the place. I've taken some pictures, and will be taking more in the next week. Watch future posts for the inclusion of my exciting Spring photos.

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