Sunday, February 11, 2007

wrapped around my finger

I'm a huge music fan, and to this day, enjoy discovering new music as much as listening to the old. If you know me or have read any of my blog, you know this to be a fact. That established, I confess that I long ago stopped caring about the Grammies. While they were moderately cool to watch in the 80s, they started going downhill in the 90s, and anything I've seen since then (snippets from online entertainment sites) shows more of a decline.

So, when I heard that the Police were reuniting to play on the Grammy awards show, I had two conflicting thoughts. The first is this: people wonder why the Grammies seem out of touch. How about featuring a band that broke up 23 years ago. At the same time, I was and am still a huge fan, and will tune in -- at least temporarily -- just to see Mssrs. Sumner, Copeland, and Summers play.

Heaven help me if they decide to tour. I'll have no choice but to pony up the $300 to see them live again. The first time since I saw them at the Hartford Civic Center in August 1983, with a new and upcoming opening act called R.E.M. I'm off to watch the Grammies.

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Michelle said...

Wow... Sting and the Police... what a blast from the past! Welcome back to the blogosphere, Kel! We missed you! Hope Ted is doing well! Here at the Champlain Valley Fair we've been having all kinds of nostalgic groups perform in the past two or three years... Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Journey... and they are selling out. LOL! The fairgrounds is in my backyard, and I can sit on my porch and listen for free! Sweet!