Tuesday, February 27, 2007


OK, I haven't mentioned it yet this year, but yes, I am watching American Idol. I've had other things going on that have prevented me from spending time blogging about a singing contest, but now that there are the top 20 contestants, I'll carve out the time.

Without going backwards and giving my opinion of everything leading up to this point (other than to say that the boys did an overall poor job last week, and then the girls threw down the gauntlet the next night!), here's my very brief opinion of tonight's performances. In order of preference, although I go back and forth on that, and could probably be swayed if I watched the show again.

1. Chris Sligh. This guy has solid and undeniable talent, no two ways about it. Bonus number 1 is that he picks great songs, bonus number 2 is his piercing sense of humor, and bonus number 3 is getting away with hair that Justin Guarini couldn't pull off.

2. Chris Richardson. It would be obvious to parrot the observation that he looked and sounded (and danced and dressed and acted) like Justin Timberlake in the auditions. But if he does it well, that's not a bad look/sound to aspire to. His choice tonight of a Jason Mraz song was spot-on. He was fantastic.

3. Blake Lewis. I admit that, at the beginning, I thought the beat box thing was a bit contrived, and pushing the limit given the venue. But he upped the ante with a great Keane song last week, and I was all but mesmerized by his rendition of a killer Jamiroquai song tonight. A little messy in spots, but bold, original, and more than respectable.

H.M. Nick Pedro. He's been inconsistent, and his look is a bit syrupy. But there's something smokin' about that raspy, hot-under-the-surface tone of his voice -- especially singing "Fever."

H.M. Sundance Head. Another one who has epitomized a roller coaster on this journey. His audition was stunning, but everything between then and now has been the vocal equivalent of a bad hair day. He saved his goatee'd butt tonight with a fun version of "Mustang Sally." And isn't his name just destiny?

The girls tomorrow night. Unless someone really screws up, I expect to be talking about Melinda, Lakisha, Sabrina, and Stephanie, with a dash of Jordin added for good measure. Good night.

"Man in a Uniform" by Prince. Although I admit to listening to some Jamiroquai after "Idol." Great music.

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