Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My husband and I are sharing our 10th Valentine's Day together. He's been excited for a week, anticipating the dinner he's been planning to make for me, as well as the gift he was apparently quite proud of himself for sourcing. Mind you, he gave no hint of either; just reveled in it, trying to make me curious.

For dinner, he prepared filet mignon, seafood stuffed lobster, black truffle potato gratin, and green bean almondine. Seriously yummy and terribly decadent, especially considering we didn't go to a restaurant.

Dessert was two dark chocolate covered strawberries with lovely pink swirls. Do you think he got his inspiration from Google? The other way around? I suppose it's just a natural Valentine's Day treat.

His gift was twofold. On Monday, he arrived at my office with a dozen long-stemmed, red roses. That way, I could enjoy them all week long. Isn't that nice? Tonight's gift was a pair of tickets to see Wayne Brady at Mohegan Sun! This is very exciting because we've both been big fans of Whose Line Is It Anyway (both versions).

Now, I'm going to go spend the rest of my evening with my wonderful husband. Ain't love grand?

Here's some Wayne and Whose Line for ya'.

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30-Something Girl said...

That sounds wonderful. I think the most romantic dinners are those spent at home.