Friday, September 09, 2005

tabula rasa

I keep talking about this. My best explanation for not letting it drop is that I can't get my brain around it -- the severity and the enormity of it. Every time my thoughts even begin to go in the direction of the hurricane victims...

It's just so hard to process.

I've been thinking about how the devastation has the potential to clear the path for a better life. Tenements, slums, and otherwise-poorly maintained housing can be replaced with brand new, strong, safe, affordable housing. The money from the federal aid package ($51.8 billion as of today) and private relief efforts can not only bring real emergency help now, but real permanent change for the long haul. This may be naïve, but I imagine neighborhoods once plagued with danger (from both the buildings and the crime) given a second chance for safety and security. This is oversimplified. But I am hopeful.

For some reason, reading this CNN article today made me feel better. Of all the people who might be appointed to head up the rebuilding charge, Colin Powell is one of the few in whom I have the utmost confidence. I feel like he will get the job done right. I also feel that Harry Connick, Jr. and Wynton Marsalis -- native New Orleanans who have aligned themselves with Habitat for Humanity's rebuilding campaign -- have the passion and the dedication to lend their own brand of credence to the job. The right people helping and the spirit and determination of the Gulf Coast residents can do this.


I have the great good fortune of speaking my mind, closing down my computer, petting my cats, going to sleep in a comfortable bed in a safe home, and knowing that I can enjoy a relaxing weekend with numerous members of my family before I go back to a good job on Monday. Would that the people of the Gulf Coast were so lucky.

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