Monday, September 05, 2005

colors and shapes

Here's some cool art I found while wandering the Blogger trails. William H. Miller is done with the rat race and is dedicating himself to art. He works a wide variety of styles and media, and I find just about all of it wonderfully fresh. Here is just one piece.

So Lovely
© Copyright 2005 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

Billy's friend, Jim Frederick, also creates some amazing works. I'm hoping to show some of it soon, as well. Until then, here is the link to his online gallery. Between the two of them, there's a lot of amazing art.

I'm envious! Of their talent, and their commitment to their art.


Free iPods said...
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whimblog said...

It is wonderful to reach out to people that we may have never met because of blogging. Thank You for posting my art on your site, exposing me to your readers and being a new friend. If anyone wants to be put on my mailing list they can email me at --- Thanks William H. Miller