Monday, September 19, 2005

inspiration gone wrong

Every now and then, I poke around the web looking for interesting art. I love photography, and painting or graphics with lots of color and interest. I'm not an artist myself, although I did take a watercolor class a couple years ago. The teacher was not as inspirational or insightful as I hoped (and needed), and so it didn't really stick. I might try again someday, but not just yet.

Meanwhile, I always enjoy doodling even though I rarely do it anymore. Years ago, my every spiral-bound notebook had margins full of posies and vines, geometric shapes, and various attempts to create my own type styles.

Then today, my printer made a mistake. Its serial cable partially out, it misinterpretted a letter I'd sent to print. When I turned the paper over, the first thing I thought was how interesting it looked (not really about the fact that it printed incorrectly). I decided to take some highlighters, a couple Sharpies, and a Dryline to it. This is the result.

I call it "Dear Mr. Scrap." A bit silly to title a doodle, but I can't help myself (it's the writer in me). The combination of a faulty scanning job (that is, my fault), the use of a very faint medium (highlighters), and a large reduction in size (to fit it into this finite venue) makes some elements invisible here. Not that it's spectacular to see in person. Just more vivid.

Oh well. Perhaps I'll be more inspired to try some new things. Until then, good night.

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