Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I'm reminded of a joke I heard in 8th grade.

Q: What do you call a worldwide census of Polish people?

A: The pole-to-pole Pol poll

And with that, I'm off to vote. Then lunch at our favorite cafe (the one I exalted the other day, and which happened to host a certain democratic presidential candidate yesterday). I wonder if there are still red, white, and blue banners kicking about.

By the way, I never did blog about the day that that certain democratic presidential candidate's husband stumped for her in the building right next to our house. In the picture, you can see the large American flag behind the guest of honor. We could clearly see it from our apartment window. Wild.

We didn't attend. In fact, we bugged out of town figuring it might get kinda' cramped. OK, off to vote.

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