Tuesday, April 11, 2006

too ambitious?

One of the judges on AI said it well tonight... "that song was too big for you." That happened a lot because they attempted to take on Queen songs. Freddie Mercury's shoes are just not easily filled. I'm reducing my comments tonight, not only because the performances weren't collectively all that interesting, but also because my whole life is condensed these days. 16-hour work shifts wreak havoc with personal interests.

So, in a nutshell, here's my American Idol banter for April 11, 2006.

Elliott Yamin still amazes me. I love love love his voice. He was one of the few people able to pull off Queen, largely because of the specific song he chose ("Somebody to Love"). Again, my age is betrayed when I find myself completely surprised that the contestants don't know a song at all (how can you not know this song?), but despite his newness to it, he did an excellent job.

And Taylor Hicks returned to form with a kick-ass version of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Sure his microphone stand kicking routine didn't go to plan, and he did look a bit manic jumping and running and spinning and such. But he embodied the song with every fiber of his being, and did a fine job of infusing his own personality while giving appropriate homage to Queen.

Those were my only two votes tonight. Bucky did well in his own Bucky style, but still doesn't hold up for this competition. His hair, however, is gradually becoming TV commercial beautiful (when it's down and the shaved part isn't visible). Ace was eh-all-right. The notes were there, but the spark was missing. Kellie Pickler was like some weird Frankenstein monster -- a blend of Lita Ford, Bonnie Tyler, and any random domanatrix in high black leather stiletto boots. And she was in way over her head with "Bohemian Rhapsody." Katharine McPhee was surprisingly off-key (or as the judges say, pitchy) and a bit intense. Paris Bennett looked like she was playing Tina Turner dress-up. She looked afraid that someone was going to catch on that she was in disguise. That said, the singing was fine but nothing tremendous. Who am I missing? Oh, Chris Daughtry. He did well, in the familiar style he's gotten us accustomed to. I agree with Simon Cowell that it was a bit indulgent. And of all the Queen songs to choose, he picks "Innuendo." Huh?

That's it for AI tonight. I wonder why Ryan no longer closes with "Seacrest out."

Random observation of the day. As if it weren't interesting enough that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's first baby was named "Apple," they have just had a second, a son, and named the poor child "Moses." And I thought Freddie Mercury's shoes were big to fill! I discovered that there's some history with that name for the Martins. Or maybe they were inspired by the current showings of "The Ten Commandments" (both new and old). Who knows.

OK, time for sleep. Some day in the future, maybe I'll write about water and warmth and the wonderful new Take 6 album. Or I'll come back around to windows (I'm still fingering that rock). Or I'll post pictures of all the marvelous spring blossoms -- forsythia, magnolia, crocus, hyacinth, daffodils -- if I ever get around to taking pictures. Some day, when life is slower.

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