Tuesday, April 18, 2006

my brush with fame

My sweet and clever husband, on our anniversary last October, bestowed upon me a wonderful gift. At the time, it was intangible; no box, no ribbon, just a promise. Ever since then, I have savored the idea of it. How many gifts can be so fulfilling for so long (almost seven months!) without actually existing?

Well, today, that gift became reality. Today, Nick Arrojo cut my hair. I know of Nick through TLC's show "What Not to Wear." We've been fans of the show since it started, and have always had an appreciation for the way Nick is able to fix even the worst hair foibles. I never dreamed that Ted would be so inspired by this little TV show to think to get me into Nick's salon!

Seeing as Ted was willing to spend the money on the haircut, I ponied up the cash for the color. Naturally, I ended up buying some "product," too. Figure in tips, and all totaled, we spent more money on my hair today than I spend in two years. But I had an absolutely tremendous time -- and I love my new hair! Nick was great. If we win the lottery, I'll go back to Arrojo Studio every six weeks. Until then, this was a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


pitbulljungle said...

Great do Kelly!

Looks fantabulous.

Chrysanthemum said...

What a great gift! Your hair looks great!

kellycoxsemple said...

Thanks, ladies! I was a bit disappointed that the picture didn't really show the hairstyle that well (too much going on in the background), but I had already been bold enough to ask for a picture and didn't want to ask for a second! Maybe this means I'll just have to go back again... :-)